Wealth Management Platform

For very many years, investment companies have dominated the investment universe and were seen as the ‘gatekeepers' of their client's investments. One also had to go directly to each company to buy a ‘product' or investment resulting in even a simple investment portfolio consisting of very many separate accounts, investments and polices. Trying to manage so many disparate investments with statements coming at different times of the year, with different charging structures and different terms and conditions was and still is, extremely complicated. 

There has however been significant change and it is now possible for Wealth Managers to access the majority of investment types, funds and shares via a single investment platform. 

Technology has also evolved and drastically cut the cost of accessing such investments. Furthermore we allow those of our clients that wish it, access to their investments via our Wealth Management Platform from a computer anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, firmly putting our clients in control of their own investments. 

So whether you have individual shares, ISAs, Pensions, Unit Trusts/OEICs, Investment Bonds or even cash, they can all be held via one central Investment Platform and accessed via this website.


In summary:

  • All your investments visible and accessible in one place.
  • You can keep track of your entire portfolio at a time when it suits you.
  • More effective management of your assets enabling us to optimise your investment strategy
  • Vastly reduced paperwork for both you and us, increased efficiency and lower cost. This enables us to spend more time on your planning rather than administration and you to spend more time on the things you enjoy.
  • Access to ‘institutional investment managers' not available to ‘retail' clients and at competitive rates.