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Retirement Planning

Why are pensions important?

Maintaining your current standard of living during retirement is a key concern for many people. With the State no longer providing an adequate retirement pension, the rapid decline in final salary pension schemes and an increase in life expectancy, now more than ever, the onus is on the individual to take responsibility for their financial wellbeing.

This is why you need sound retirement planning advice to help ensure that sufficient critical capital is built up to help you achieve the life you want after you stop working.

Your situation is complex

Many people’s pension situation is complex, with a number of different pension schemes being accumulated during a working life. As part of our financial planning process, we will take time to unravel the detail and consider whether you have adequately provided for your retirement. 

You need sound retirement planning advice

You can do much to ensure that sufficient critical capital is built up. This may include the best use of your annual ISA allowance or setting up a stakeholder pension. For larger sums, a Self-Invested Personal Pension might be appropriate. We provide practical advice, ensuring that any investments you might make are consistent with your retirement financial planning goals. 

You need tax efficient solutions

Pensions are an incredibly tax efficient form of saving, with tax relief being given on any contributions made. For example, as a basic rate tax payer, you could receive basic rate income tax credit on all contributions made, which is currently 20% of your contribution (subject to the annual limit).  

This situation may be different for Scottish clients and tax benefits depend on individual circumstances.

How can we help?

We offer professional pension advice that is tailored to each individual circumstance. Our Pension Specialists will assess your situation and put themselves ‘in your shoes’ to help you to decide how to maximise your retirement income.

We provide sound advice on all aspects of pension planning, including: 

  • Personal Pensions.
  • Stakeholder Plans.
  • Self-Invested Personal Pensions.
  • Small Self-Administered Schemes.
  • Group Personal Pensions.
  • Group Stakeholder Plans. 
  • Flexi-Access Drawdown. 
  • Annuities. 

Not all products are regulated by the FCA.

retirement planning
Please note. We will always consider the tax implications of our advice. However, any decisions should be made in the context of your overall financial plan, rather than to achieve a short-term tax benefit.  
pension planning

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